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Business Advice is a unique method of business consulting that provides management with experienced solutions quickly and inexpensively. If you need answers for your business, this site is for you! The scope of help covers management, marketing, sales, internet, strategy, acquisition, finances, etc for small to large businesses and to corporate executives.

It is a sounding board that is responsive, timely, and productive.

The information provided comes from a hands-on experienced CEO who has operated and marketed more than 11 businesses as an executive in large corporations to equity owner of an array of businesses.The consultant currently owns Merchant 1 Marketing, LLC. This company has 11 active niche sites marketing automotive and industrial products. Use the index to see this company and it's sites. The experience is real and not theoretical.

The success of the project will ultimately depend on the client. But with our services you gain perspectives that will help you succeed and reduce risk.

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